Flexible Power Systems was founded in 2018 to help companies develop and deliver ambitious decarbonisation and sustainability strategies that meet their operational needs cost-effectively in an ever-changing energy environment.



Our expanding team is made up of economists, engineers, physicists and data scientists with experience of the energy and transport sectors to address the decarbonisation and energy transition challenges.

Michael Ayres


Michael has more than fifteen years’ experience of clean-technology ventures. He was a founding team member at both Dearman (a transport refrigeration technology developer) and Highview Power (a grid scale energy storage company). An economist by training he has been responsible for technology development, application evaluation, sales and strategic relationships at these companies. Michael leads commercial and operational activities at Flexible Power Systems.

Henry Clarke

Chief Engineer
Mechanical Systems

Henry is a mechanical engineer with more than a decade’s experience of expanders, energy storage and refrigeration cycle development. Following a PhD in liquid nitrogen power conversion technology he worked for 9 years as Head of Innovation at Dearman Engine Company leading a team working on cutting edge projects spanning a wide range of applications from advanced refrigeration cycles to heat recovery hybrid powertrains. Henry is responsible for thermo-mechanical systems like vehicle energy use, refrigeration cycles and thermal energy storage.

James Derby

Chief Engineer
Electrical Systems

James is a power electronics and machines specialist with more than 25 years of global experience in product development, manufacturing and applications engineering up to board level. He has worked mostly within the alternative energy and energy storage sectors for employers including URENCO, Flow Products, KTSi and MPE. James is responsible for power electronic systems, including electricity network interactions, EV chargers, battery packs and hardware implementations at client sites.

Anne Gray

Corporate Development Executive

Anne has worked in and with companies large and small, predominantly around growth – whether organic or inorganic. She focusses on FPS’ market position and the needs of its customers within the rapidly changing decarbonisation landscape. Successful companies are those that best understand customer needs and can provide a solution that minimises cost and risk and maximises productive operational uptime.

Pranab Kiran Nath

Senior DevOps Engineer

Pranab is a computer engineering graduate with more than 22 years of experience in IT product-related initiatives that include knowledge of cloud and developing software applications to improve and maintain all core software services and infrastructure. He has worked in building and managing diverse teams across geographies. Pranab is responsible for system architecture, establishing the environment, integrating devices and client systems, implementing proprietary FPS tools, and maintaining the platform.

Atakan Erdem

Senior Developer

Atakan has more than 25 years of software development, database administration, and data engineering experience, with Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. He participated in more than 50 enterprise-level software projects before becoming head of the Information Technologies Institute. He conducted postdoctoral studies at Ryerson and Calgary universities in Canada, including engineering projects supported by IBM Canada.

Kiyoto Ichikawa


Kiyoto is a machine learning engineer who has earned his PhD at Tokyo Institute of Technology with more than 10 years’ experience in research and development of machine learning and computer vision in international companies and start-ups. He has always made contributions to the development of new products and services for end customers by providing core technology using machine learning.

Sofia Taylor


Sofia is an experimental physicist and data analyst. During her PhD she explored the behaviour of quantum materials under extreme conditions, and has a background in low temperature measurements and the physics of sustainability. At FPS she builds models to analyse the energy requirements of logistics operators and optimise their transition to low-carbon solutions, specialising in electric vehicles and charge optimisation.

Jonathan Saliba


Jonathan is a mechanical engineering analyst for FPS. He has experience with mechanical building services engineering design, commercial refrigeration and subsea engineering for oil and gas. He's worked and studied in the Netherlands and Malta and is keen on modelling energy usage, thermal engineering systems and fluid flows in industrial and commercial contexts.

Jin Liu


Jin is an environmental engineer who earned his PhD at Imperial college London investigating bioenergy potential of assets owned by 5 major water utilities through largescale data analysis and modelling. Prior to his PhD Jin worked at Thames Water as part of the innovation team. Jin is part of FPS' analyst team focused on tariff, energy and regression modelling.

Ben Fletcher


Ben is an analyst at FPS. With a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and previous work experience in consumer product manufacturing, his day-to-day work at FPS focuses on modelling vehicle routing problems and simulation of fleet data across predictive scenarios. This allows operators to future proof their business operations for the coming energy transition.

Jess Carter

Comms consultant

Jess is a communications consultant for FPS. An ex BBC producer, she has extensive experience in journalism, broadcasting, film-making, media training and virtual events. After a long international career, Jess set up The Communication Space to help people tell the stories journalists want to hear. Net zero is increasingly making headlines and the story of EV is only going to get bigger.