FPS Operate

Managing your Electric Fleet


Charger Network Performance

The platform tracks charge usage, performance and condition offering you both real time alerts and long term insights.​

EV Fleet intelligence

Through tracking vehicle usage, performance and status the platform offers real time alerts to drivers and long term insights for fleet managers​.

EV Solution performance

Through a range of integrations the platform can deliver reporting on energy & power usage, load forecasts, fuel and carbon savings, cost impacts​.


By onboarding the ICE fleet the platform can also deliver a rolling transition plan that combines vehicle and infrastructure factors with individual vehicle rankings by costs and carbon.


Using the right EVs and chargers for the job can reduce transition costs by millions. To ensure operational efficiency and realise maximum savings, though, right-sized solutions must be actively managed.

Vehicle Allocation

EVs are matched throughout the day with tasks based on factors like remaining range, charging windows, shift patterns, late returns etc. This provides resilience to loss of a vehicle and allows right sized vehicles to be used.​

Dynamic Smart charging

Smart charging that responds throughout the day to changing operational requirements, charger availability, site load and prices. Each vehicle gets its own automatically generated profile​.


Improving uptime and keeping your vehicles on the road.


The platform detects anomalies like out of service chargers, low range vehicles or failed charging attempts and can issue alerts through site dashboards, text, email or PDA push notifications​.

Charger monitoring

The platform connects to your charge points via OCPP. This allows us to monitor their condition in real time, resolve faults or despatch field support to site​.

Vehicle monitoring

The platform integrates with telemetry and VOR processes to contribute to more vehicle on the road time​.

Which level of FPS Operate platform is right for you?

Charge Point Back Office​EV Intelligence Platform​​EV Management System
Charge Network Management
EV Fleet Management
Business Intelligence and Strategy​
Infrastructure Cost Efficiency & Resilience​
Vehicle Cost Efficiency & Resilience

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