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Truck dealer HTC and fleet electrification specialist Flexible Power Systems launch first of a kind end-to-end truck electrification partnership at the Microlise Transport Conference

Today, HTC Group, one of the UK’s leading commercial vehicle dealerships, has completed an agreement to co-operate on delivering an end-to-end electrification service with Flexible Power Systems (FPS), a UK based electric fleet software specialist. The partnership enables HTC’s DAF customers to benefit from seamless EV transitions that combine decades of vehicle experience from HTC with specialist data-oriented Plan, Deploy and Operate electrification offers from FPS.

Truck dealer HTC and fleet electrification specialist Flexible Power Systems launch first of a kind end-to-end truck electrification partnership at the Microlise Transport Conference

According to Paul Whincup, Truck Sales Director, HTC DAF, “We have always had a consultative approach to vehicle sales, but this is even more important, as we have to prove the capability of new powertrain technology, new power sources and a whole new energy infrastructure in a sector where vehicle uptime is paramount.”

“Most operators can easily integrate a single electric truck into their operation to trial the technology without major infrastructure investment, the biggest challenge is the transition to multiples of electric vehicles. Charging infrastructure, servicing and operational fit all have to be right if deployments are to succeed.”

“HTC have partnered with FPS as they are uniquely placed to offer us a combination of charge point services and sophisticated software that gives us the ability to offer both an end-to-end service and best possible RoI to fleets. The ability to use big data analytics to help the customer see what the future looks like is essential for planning and budgeting.”

“We are excited to be working with a dealership of HTC’s scale and experience that is committed to finding the right transition pathways for their customers” said Michael Ayres, Managing Director, Flexible Power Systems.

As part of the partnership, HTC Group’s customers will be benefit from FPS’ 200 collective years of green technology and software development experience through a range of electrification-oriented services including:

  • EV fleet feasibility, cost and transition planning using big data and simulation
  • Ensuring chargers are fit for purpose and reliable via specification, supply, installation and maintenance services
  • Orchestrating electric operations automatically and efficiently through the FPS Operate software platform.

Colleagues from FPS and HTC will be on hand at the upcoming Microlise Transport Conference (MTC24) on Tuesday 19th March 2024 to explain more about how the partnership can advance truck decarbonisation.

“Modern commercial vehicle fleets use a range of software solutions to ensure their operations are efficient, safe and resilient. EVs and their chargers must integrate with these systems to achieve the same standards of performance,” said Michael Ayres. “FPS’ Operate platform uses Microlise integrations that create that link. As one of the UK’s leading transport software providers, the MTC24 is the obvious place to start talking to fleets about these solutions.”

The Microlise Transport Conference is the largest road transport conference in Europe with 1,200+ attendees from many of the UK’s leading fleets.

“At Microlise, innovation underpins our business and supports the customer focused solutions we develop.  That is why we have been collaborating with Flexible Power Systems since their first electric van deployments with Waitrose in 2021. Partnerships like this will be key to Operators navigating the many challenges on the road to decarbonisation. So, we are delighted that FPS has chosen the Microlise Transport Conference to launch their partnership” Nadeem Raza, CEO, Microlise.

Flexible Power Systems, HTC Group and Microlise will all be displaying new product and service offers at the Microlise Transport Conference on Tuesday 19th March 2024.

Key highlights include inspiring keynote speeches from renowned industry leaders and visionaries; interactive sessions – from engaging panel sessions to informative workshops – an expansive exhibition hall featuring cutting-edge technologies, products, and services; and opportunities to network with peers, experts, and potential partners.